Free parking Monday and Tuesday in Northgate lot


By Gus Roman, Community Services Business Manager

We all love Northgate, right? And we love free parking, too.

You can get the best of both worlds all day Monday and Tuesday in the Northgate surface parking lot while we install new pay stations.

You may even like the new pay-by-space pay stations when they go online Wednesday. The user-friendly meters allow for more flexible payment options, including the use of smartphones to buy extra time while you’re in church or at the library.

What, people go to Northgate for other reasons?

We expect you’ll have a much better customer experience with our new pay stations. In the meantime, enjoy the free parking.


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Hot tips to help your AC unit keep you cool

By Patrick C. McIntyre, CSU Energy Coordinator

1630102812004energy_16[1]After receiving a $700 check from the City of College Station’s Energy Back II Rebate program, a College Station Utilities customer recently called with a simple question:

What’s the best way to extend the life of my new air conditioning system?

Central air conditioners are expensive to replace but with proper care can serve you well for 15 years or more. Here are five essential tips to help you get the most from your air conditioner:

  1. Change your filter often. Most HVAC professionals agree this is the single best way to prolong your system’s life. Under normal use and conditions, the filter should be changed every 30-60 days.
  2. Keep the outdoor unit clean. In most cases, a garden hose and broom are all you need to wash out leaves and dirt, but be careful not to damage the coils. Refer to your owner’s manual for instructions on cleaning your particular unit, and be sure to turn off the power.
  3. Help your condenser stay cool. Direct sunlight makes the outdoor unit work harder than it needs to. You can plant shrubs or small trees for shade, but they should be far enough away that leaves and debris won’t become a problem.
  4. Adjust your thermostat. Lower the thermostat when you’re home but set it higher – or turn it off completely – when you’re away or at night when the air temperature is naturally cooler.
  5. Have your air conditioner serviced regularly. A professional can usually spot potential problems, and annual tune-ups and maintenance can increase efficiency and add years of life to your air conditioner.

If you have an older air conditioning unit, take advantage of our Energy Back II Rebate program and upgrade to a more efficient system. For more information, ask your air conditioning professional or call us at 979-764-6274.

Most of us take air conditioning for granted, but it’s hard to imagine surviving a long Texas summer without it.

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Podcast: City manager on College Station’s next “big dig”

By Jay Socol, Public Communications Director

College Station residents endured massive road expansion projects at State Highway 6 and Rock Prairie Road, and at FM2818 and Wellborn Road. But City Manager Kelly Templin says those will pale in comparison to the next “big dig.”

Podcast Archive

Click below to listen. If Soundcloud doesn’t play in your older version of Internet Explorer, click here to listen to the audio file from your system.



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City Council weighs bond election, project funding options

By Public Communications Office

Copyright: siamimages / 123RF Stock PhotoAnyone who resides in or visits College Station on a regular basis knows the city continues to grow rapidly. They also know the city is challenged to keep pace with that growth, especially in regard to transportation infrastructure.

In May, a citizen advisory committee presented to the College Station City Council a priority list of transportation, facility and parks capital projects to consider for a possible bond election in November. At a special meeting Tuesday night, the council discussed various options for a possible bond election, including not having an election at all. In that case, the most pressing needs could be met by issuing certificates of obligation.

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Thousands pour into B-CS for Games of Texas

By Kelli Nesbitt, Parks & Recreation Marketing Coordinator

No, the Texas A&M football season is not starting a month early.

In fact, football has nothing to do with the thousands of visitors pouring into Bryan-College Station this week. Blame this friendly invasion on archery, pickleball, judo, lifeguarding, boxing, golf, skateboarding, soccer, disc golf, swimming, tennis, and track and field.

14804728442_4f689c2e54_kThose 12 sports comprise the 2015 Texas Amateur Athletic Federation’s Summer Games of Texas, which will be conducted Thursday through Monday at venues across College Station and Bryan. The cities are joining forces with Texas A&M and the Convention and Visitors Bureau to host the event for the second straight year.

The 2014 Summer Games of Texas attracted more than 20,000 athletes, coaches, families and volunteers who registered an estimated economic impact of about $6 million.

The Olympic-like festival features more than 8,500 amateur athletes of all ages from across the state competing in multiple sporting events, mostly in swimming and track and field. The high level of competition resulted in 97 Games of Texas records set in 2014, including 64 in swimming and 33 in track and field.

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Live Blog: Thursday’s city council meetings (July 23)

gavel[1]Welcome to our live blog from the College Station City Council’s workshop and regular meetings on Thursday, July 23. It’s not the official minutes.

Both meetings are being broadcast live on Suddenlink Channel 19 and streamed online. An archive of previous council meetings is available on the website.

5:56 p.m.

The workshop has started. Council members Blanche Brick, Julie Schultz, John Nichols and James Benham are absent. All but Nichols are participating in the meeting by teleconference.

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