Southwood Center: One of CS’s Best-Kept Secrets

Here’s a typical conversation I have just about every day:

“Kelly, where do you work?”

“I work at Southwood Community Center.”

“What’s that? Isn’t that a place for kids?”

Yes, it is a youth center, but it’s also a senior center and a rental facility.  Southwood has so much to offer that it’s quickly losing its status as one of College Station’s best-kept secrets.

Each weekday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., we focus on folks 55 and older. Senior Services Coordinator Marci Rodgers keeps everyone hopping with exciting and innovative activities. Most of these programs are available with the annual membership, and some are offered through our Xtra programs for an additional fee. 

From 3-6 p.m., our attention shifts to after-school programming for sixth through eighth graders.  These kids could just go straight home and hangout until you get home from work. What kind of trouble could they possibly get into, right? Wouldn’t you rest a little easier if you let them hangout with us? Not only can we help them with their homework, they can use our supervised computer lab, play on the Wii or head out with a staff member to the G. Hysmith Skate Park just a few steps from our front door. We also offer a shuttle service from Oakwood and A&M Consolidated Middle School.

When not occupied by seniors or kids, Southwood is available to rent for your next family reunion, homeowners association meeting, birthday party or any other event that requires an ideal facility in a perfect location. While our building is a modest 4,700 square feet, where else do you have easy access to a premiere skate park, sparkling swimming pool and well-groomed athletic park

Next time you’re driving down Rock Prairie Road past the Southwood Community Park, stop by and check us out.

Have you visited the Southwood Community Center? What was your experience there?

Kelly Kelbly
Kelly Kelbly | Recreation Supervisor