Citizen Survey Will Help Set College Station’s Priorities

One of my greatest annoyances is reaching into my mailbox after a long day and — instead of the winning entry in a sweepstakes — finding a long, tedious survey sent from some political party, corporation or other group. Many of these surveys have no obvious or tangible benefit and, if you’re like me, you promptly file them in the nearest wastebasket.

Our 2012 Citizen Survey, which was mailed two weeks ago to about 8,000 randomly selected College Station addresses, is not one of those surveys. Why is this particular survey worth your time and effort? The answer is simple: you’re helping us determine the best and most efficient use of your hard-earned tax dollars.

However, for us to compile accurate information, we need a high level of participation. If you didn’t receive a mailed survey, I encourage you to participate in the online survey. The individual surveys are completely confidential and take only a few minutes to complete. The cut-off date is May 21, and we hope to have the results in hand sometime in June. You can email questions about the survey to

Why do a survey?

Many communities across the country conduct periodic surveys to measure their citizens’ satisfaction with city services, but College Station hasn’t done one since 2003. As we move into our Fiscal Year 2013 budget process this summer, it’s imperative that we understand your preferences and what you think should be our priorities. The survey data will help us responsibly and effectively plan for the future while identifying and prioritizing our current needs. With our high rate of growth expected to continue, it’s crucial that we base our decisions on the best available information.

Since surveys help us better understand your desires, they are the key to improving our performance and providing better value for your taxes. Consequently, our 2012 citizen survey is one of the most productive ways you can participate in your local government. 

Complete the 2012 Citizen Survey

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