Online options for reporting non-emergency issues

By Julie Caler, Code Enforcement Supervisor

The City of College Station offers two online options for citizens to report non-emergency issues. The Police Department monitors one, and Code Enforcement handles the other.

Let’s take a look at how each platform works and what issues you may report to each. These tools don’t apply when health, life, property or the environment is at risk. For emergencies, always call 9-1-1.

Non-Emergency Police Issues

The Police Department’s Citizen’s Online Police Report System is for reporting seven types of non-urgent offenses:

  • Vehicle burglary
  • Credit/debit card abuse
  • Criminal mischief
  • Identity theft
  • Harassment
  • Lost property
  • Property theft

If the crime you need to report isn’t listed, call the Police Department’s non-emergency line at 979-764-3600.

When completing your online report, fill out the form completely and accurately with as much detailed information as possible. If you can, include serial numbers and the value of stolen or damaged property. CSPD may not assign an investigator to every case, and they may contact you for additional information.

The system confirms your submission is complete by displaying the message “Your online police report has been submitted.” Keep the temporary report number until a permanent number is assigned. Your report is also printable.

For financial crimes, the police won’t investigate until you submit a completed Financial Crime Packet at the police station at 2611 Texas Ave.

Code Enforcement Issues

Code Enforcement’s online work order reporting system is SeeClickFix, a website and app for reporting public works issues or code violations you want the city to address. Examples include trimming trees that block traffic signs or signals, faulty water fountains in parks, accumulated trash or garbage cans left out, and illegally parked or junk vehicles.

If the reported issue isn’t code-related, our staff forwards the report to the appropriate city department. Through SeeClickFix, we’ll let you know which department is addressing the problem along with a phone number to call with questions or updates.

When submitting an online report, remember a few basic rules:

  1. SeeClickFix isn’t a social media platform for discussion and debate.
  2. Don’t post personal information about yourself or your property.
  3. Don’t post derogatory nor profane language or verbally attack others. We’ll immediately remove such posts.

If you have questions about SeeClickFix, call Code Enforcement at 979-764-6363.

Remember: These systems are not interchangeable; they are designed to report specific issues. Don’t report lost or stolen items on SeeClickFix, and don’t submit code violations to the police.


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Code Enforcement Supervisor Julie Caler has been with the City of College Station for almost two decades.


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