Game day parking doesn’t have to be a hassle


By Julie Caler, Code Enforcement Supervisor

Although we’re all glad football is back, COVID-19 restrictions will make for a completely different atmosphere around Aggie games.

One thing hasn’t changed, though.

With thousands of fans descending on Kyle Field, finding a place to park nearby will still be a daunting challenge, especially in the Southside neighborhood.

That’s why it’s vital that guests and residents abide city parking ordinances, which are designed to make our streets and neighborhoods safe. Emergency vehicles must respond if needed, and cars must be kept off yards to prevent fires, broken meters, broken gas lines, and other problems.

The College Station Police Department, Code Enforcement, and the Northgate District staff work together to ensure a safe environment on game day.

Street Parking

Many of the streets in the Southside area were developed decades years ago and are exceptionally narrow. Police officers will be looking for vehicles parked illegally, including those facing traffic, blocking fire hydrants, parking too close to stop signs, blocking intersections, and parking in no-parking zones, to name a few.

You also can’t directly block a driveway, but that doesn’t mean you can’t park across the street.

Some of these are violations of state law, and a few are towable offenses. If you are parked illegally in certain areas, your vehicle will likely be towed. If you discover your vehicle has been towed, call the Police Department’s non-emergency number at 979-764-3600.

Yard Parking

Code Enforcement Staff will be actively looking for vehicles parking in yards. We discourage residents from illegally selling parking spots on their property. If we find a vehicle parked in the yard, we issue a warning to the resident in person and with a letter. If it’s a rental property, we also inform the property owner and management company.

If the violation happens again on another game day, we may issue a citation or court summons for the property owner and resident.  If you have any questions about this or any other city ordinance, call Code Enforcement at 979-764-6363.

Northgate Parking

The Northgate District provides safe and affordable parking options, including the Northgate Parking Garage, which is just a short walk to Kyle Field. The special game day rate is $25. Parking in the garage means you don’t have to worry about parking in the wrong place or being towed.

We also have limited parking available on certain Northgate streets and in the surface parking lot. The game day rate for both options is $3.50 an hour and is applicable from 6 a.m. Saturday until 3 a.m. Sunday.

For more information about the Northgate Parking Garage, including the availability of parking spaces, call 979-764-6313. For general questions about parking or Code Enforcement, please feel free to contact me at 979-764-6363 or

Game Day Resources

Here are some maps and other information that we hope will move you around town as quickly as possible on Aggie game days:

Gig ‘em, Aggies!

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Code Enforcement Supervisor Julie Caler has been with the City of College Station for two decades.


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  1. Is there a website or something online that will show which streets are closed off? I drive for Uber and Lyft, and I want to be able to get to my passengers and know which streets to avoid

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