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2020’s most popular blogs, podcasts, videos 

Take a look back on the city’s best-performing blog posts, podcasts, and videos of 2020. Happy New Year!

Podcast: How tourism can fuel business recovery

For the first time since the pandemic changed everything, College Station Communications Director Jay Socol interviews Economic Development Director Natalie Ruiz. In spite of the local, state and federal funding put into the hands of local businesses, we still lost far too many. So, now what?

Podcast series explores city’s FY 21 proposed budget

After a multi-month, coronavirus-inspired break, the All Up In Your Business podcast is back with a special miniseries: Four episodes that focus on College Station’s Fiscal Year 2021 proposed budget. Fiscal Services Director Mary Ellen Leonard joins Public Communications Director Jay Socol to dissect and explain the city’s 330-page budget document, including changes caused by COVID-19, how sustainable we think those are, and what it means to our residents.

Podcast: College Station eco-devo 101

We hear it all the time: “Hey, College Station, how come you don’t bring a [fill in the blank] to town?” The other side of that is, “Hey, bozos, why do you keep bringing more [fill in the blank] to our city?” In this podcast, Economic Development Director Natalie Ruiz and Communications Director Jay Socol explore those questions, as well as some things about Post Oak Mall you may not know.

Podcast: Breakfast you’ll be la Gladeleine about

In this podcast episode, College Station Economic Development Director Natalie Ruiz returns to talk about new restaurants, office space, commercial expansion and more. Natalie and Communications Director Jay Socol also dive into an email from a pod listener (we have one!) who expressed concerns about what feels like constant expansion in College Station.

Podcast: Culpeppers are legacy residential, retail developers who still have plans

In this podcast, President/CEO of Culpepper Realty Co. Jack Culpepper and General Counsel Larry Haskins talked to College Station Communications Director Jay Socol about the beginnings of the family business, its early successes throughout the twin cities (and beyond) — and even gave some hints about their next redevelopment moves on property just across from Texas A&M. Hint: Think of the space where IHOP, Schlotzsky’s and Hurricane Harry’s are located — across from Century Square.