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Podcast: College Station eco-devo 101

We hear it all the time: “Hey, College Station, how come you don’t bring a [fill in the blank] to town?” The other side of that is, “Hey, bozos, why do you keep bringing more [fill in the blank] to our city?” In this podcast, Economic Development Director Natalie Ruiz and Communications Director Jay Socol explore those questions, as well as some things about Post Oak Mall you may not know.

Podcast: Breakfast you’ll be la Gladeleine about

In this podcast episode, College Station Economic Development Director Natalie Ruiz returns to talk about new restaurants, office space, commercial expansion and more. Natalie and Communications Director Jay Socol also dive into an email from a pod listener (we have one!) who expressed concerns about what feels like constant expansion in College Station.

Podcast: Culpeppers are legacy residential, retail developers who still have plans

In this podcast, President/CEO of Culpepper Realty Co. Jack Culpepper and General Counsel Larry Haskins talked to College Station Communications Director Jay Socol about the beginnings of the family business, its early successes throughout the twin cities (and beyond) — and even gave some hints about their next redevelopment moves on property just across from Texas A&M. Hint: Think of the space where IHOP, Schlotzsky’s and Hurricane Harry’s are located — across from Century Square.

Podcast: Real talk about Gringo’s and Buc-ee’s

College Station Economic Development Director Natalie Ruiz and Public Communications Director Jay Socol had a jaunty (thanks, thesaurus!) podcast discussion this week about businesses either recently on the ground or that we at least have a really good shot at. They also talked about one that appeared to be a sure thing until it wasn’t: Gringo’s.

Podcast: How Krispy Kreme finally came to town

Like BBQ, burgers, tacos — or any other food type you can think of — donuts are a pretty personal thing for people. College Station has a variety of options, all with loyal followings. But long-suffering fans of Krispy Kreme can finally rejoice: The red light of happiness is in Aggieland.

Podcast: Is This a Thing? (Episode 10)

In this episode of “Is This A Thing?” we share Economic Development Director Natalie Ruiz’s recent presentation to the Economic Outlook Conference, which recapped market trends and successes from 2018, along with a look ahead through 2019 and into 2020. Natalie then took a deeper dive into the city’s emerging Midtown Business Park and why that entire area of College Station is so important to the city’s future.