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Podcast: Who says College Station has 109,857 residents?

Senior Planner Jessica Bullock was born and raised in Boston, attended school in Philadelphia, and experienced an awakening that led her to become a city planner — a fascinating story. Every month, she calculates College Station’s estimated population. How? And is she even qualified to do it? Jessica answered those questions and more in this edition of the podcast.

Our most popular blogs and podcasts of 2016

In our first year of blogging, we averaged just over 800 views per month. In 2016, we averaged about 6,000 views per month, more than a sevenfold increase. Since we launched the blog in August 2010, we’ve posted almost 750 blogs, resulting in about 325,000 views and tens of thousands of shares through social media.

Podcast: Mayor Berry reflects on her time in office

College Station Mayor Nancy Berry held that office for more than six years before reaching her term limit. In this podcast, she reflects on her time as mayor, including her strongest memories, proudest moments, and even the things she didn’t quite get to before time ran out.

Podcast: The state of the Zika threat in College Station

Many experts with the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control to believe Texas and Louisiana will become the next hot spots for the Zika virus. In this edition of our podcast, Neighborhood Services Coordinator Barbara Moore talks about the state of Zika in College Station and throughout Brazos County, and how local authorities are approaching this new, and very real, health threat.

Podcast: Why our citizen survey results look like others in Texas

Last spring, the city of College Station conducted its first comprehensive citizen survey in four years. In this edition of the podcast, City Manager Kelly Templin tells Communications Director Jay Socol which survey results really stood out to him and why some of those results are being seen in almost every Texas city.

Podcast: Our first look at single-stream recycling numbers

College Station’s single-stream recycling program made its debut in January and, since then, we’ve all wanted to see the data. Has participation been good? Are citizens putting the right stuff in their blue bins, or are they fouling up the system by throwing bad stuff in the wrong container? Podcast guest Heather Woolwine, College Station’s Recycling and Environmental Compliance Manager, shares her perspective on the ups and downs of the program’s first four months.