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Why is the City Cutting Down Green Trees?

Admit it. You probably didn’t even know the city had a Forestry Department, much less the important role it plays in maintaining the quality of your city parks. Despite our perceived anonymity, we’ve noticed an uptick in the number phone calls we’ve received — and they all seem to be asking the same question:

“Why the heck are you cutting down perfectly good, green trees?”

Well, it’s partly true, but there’s more to the story. When it comes to trees, green doesn’t always mean “perfectly good” since many defects can’t be seen by the naked eye. The last thing the forestry crew wants to do is randomly remove good, healthy trees, which obviously provide many positive benefits.  Besides, cutting down a tree and cleaning up the mess takes a lot of hard work.

We consider many factors before we decide to remove a tree, but our top priority is public safety. Falling trees can cause serious injuries and even be deadly. Under the Arborist Code of Ethics, we have to “…protect clients, employers, employees and the public from conditions where injury and/or harm are reasonably foreseeable …”  As professional tree people, we follow extensive guidelines and checklists, as well as good old intuition, to maintain our trees and keep them from becoming hazardous. While a tree may have green leaves and appear to be healthy, its bark and the soil underneath it often tell a completely different story. Our job is to prevent problems by detecting and removing these dangerous trees.