Our Rules

This blog is intended to be a two-way conversation between College Station residents and their government officials.  We hope it allows us to get to know one another a little better in the process, while having genuine and transparent exchanges of ideas.

Some quick blog rules:

  • To comment on our blog posts, you must register with your real name and a legitimate e-mail address. Anonymous postings are prohibited.  Commenters are required to use their full names and may be contacted to verify their authenticity. It’s not about invading your privacy — it’s about respect and credibility. We can’t afford you either of those if you don’t present yourself in authentic fashion. It would be like agreeing to a face-to-face conversation, but we’re the only one wearing a blindfold. That’s no way to build a relationship. If this is too much to ask, then we encourage you to express your thoughts in other online venues. We do hope you’ll be part of this, though.
  • Your comments must remain on the posted topic. Off-topic comments will not be posted.
  • Be courteous. The use of vulgar, offensive, threatening or harassing language is prohibited.
  • Your comment may not be posted immediately. To ensure the terms expressed in Rule 1, it might take us a little time to review and publish your comment, but we’ll get to it as quickly as possible.
  • Questions from the news media will not be posted. Media members should direct their questions to the Public Communications Department.
  • No campaigning. Comments promoting or opposing any person campaigning for election to a political office or promoting or opposing any ballot proposition are prohibited.
  • No promotions. The promotion or advertisement of a business or commercial transaction is prohibited.
  • Requesting information. Communications made through social media platforms will in no way constitute a legal or official notice or comment to the City of College Station or any official or employee of the city for any purpose. For example, a post or comment that asks that the city provide public records will not be considered a public records request until being sent through the proper channels.
  • Efficiencies. In the case of identical or similar posts, we will use the first submission.
  • Sensitive information. For the protection of privacy, comments that include personal information, such as Social Security numbers, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, are prohibited.


2 thoughts on “Our Rules

  1. Are there plans to recycle Styrofoam in the near future, this stuff never breaks down and will be in our environment for 1000’s of year!

    1. Thank you for the question and comment.

      Brazos Valley Recycling (our contractor) has looked into recycling styrofoam but has not found a mill that accepts it. Apparently, there isn’t a real market for it, and most of the styrofoam would still end up in the landfill. In addition, styrofoam used for drink or food can’t be recycled because those products have seeped into it. Small, peanut-size packing materials are sometimes accepted by FedEx or UPS for reuse.