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Video: How the city determines speed limits

In this episode of “Actually…,” City Traffic Engineer Troy Rother explains how the city determines speed limits on our roadways.

– Public Communications Office

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Video: Our water is absolutely safe to drink

In this episode of “Actually…,” Water Resource Coordinator Jennifer Nations says that College Station’s water is quite safe. Only a handful of naturally occurring contaminants have been detected, and the city adds another (chlorine) to disinfect the water and kill germs.

The city’s 2019 water quality report can be found at

– Public Communications Office

Video: Replacing skateboards with drainage technology

In this episode of “Actually…,” Drainage Division Manager Marshall Wallace says thanks to new technology, city employees don’t have to use skateboards anymore to enter the pipes and inspect or repair our vital drainage infrastructure.

– Public Communications Office

Video: “Actually…” with Judge Ed Spillane

In this episode of “Actually,” Judge Ed Spillane talks about how the College Station Municipal Court goes to great lengths to make sure citizens aren’t prosecuted due to their economic status. 

– Public Communications Office