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College Station saw record number of births in 2014

By Jay Socol, Public Communications Director

Let’s play the name game.

No, not this Name Game:

I mean the game of analyzing the trends related to the babies born in College Station in 2014.

As you might expect, it was a record year for number of births. While the final total won’t be available for a few more days, the City Secretary’s Office reports 2,460 babies born in College Station, a 14 percent increase from the previous record of 2,159 set in 2013:

  Births Girls Boys Twins
2013 2,159 1,066 1,093 36 sets
2014 2,460 1,264 1,196 30 sets

Okay, back to the names. In 2013, the most popular baby names in College Station were Jason and Emma. Here’s the most popular names of 2014:

Most popular BOYS first names (more…)

1,871 reasons College Station grew in 2012

Baby BoomCollege Station obviously has been growing rapidly — but the new residents haven’t all arrived from outside the city limits. Our community experienced an unprecedented baby boom in 2012 with a record 1,871 births through Friday. 

Update: As of 3 p.m. Monday, we’re up to 1,883 births for 2012 with 929 girls and 954 boys!

Since many of these beautiful babies have visited the City Secretary’s Office with their parents to get a birth certificate, we’ve become adept at quickly spotting the first-time parents. While the veteran parents are proud, the first-timers always have a special glow.

And they love to take pictures.