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Mosquitoes beware: Bobby is on the loose!

The City of College Station is taking an aggressive approach to battling local mosquito populations. In addition to distributing mosquito dunks to homeowner and neighborghood associations, city crews are performing spot spraying and placing their own dunks in areas of heavy infestations. Much of that responsibility falls on Drainage Maintenance Crew Leader Bobby Engledow, a longtime city employee who was out bright and early this morning spraying a drainage culvert that runs between homes on South Rayado and Arroyo courts. Looks like a fun job, doesn’t it? But think of all the pesky (and potentially dangerous) mosquitoes that are no longer around.

For more information on the city’s mosquito abatement program, read the recent blog by Neighborhood Services Coordinator Barbara Moore. Click here to learn more about West NileVirus.

Treasure Found in City Drainage Ditch

Public Works Employees Reunite Aggie with Lost Ring

You wouldn’t think a typical drainage ditch would be a place to find lost treasure, but City of College Station maintenance crews through the years have found tons of valuable stuff in those muddy trenches: jewelry, wallets, purses, car keys, credit cards and even wads of cash are frequently uncovered by mowers and other equipment.

But the three-man crew mowing deep grass in a ditch near Southwest Parkway on Tuesday came across something they never expected. Eddie Bookman, a city employee since 2004, saw something resting on the bottom 2 x 4 of a fence that ran parallel to the ditch. At first, he thought the small object was just an old mud dauber nest. But as soon as he picked it up, he knew it was something a bit more special. Judging from the imprint on the wood, the item had been there for a very long time.

It was a mud-caked Aggie ring embossed with the year 2004.

Bookman summoned his co-workers, T.J. Pemberton and Ben Dickerson, and they found the name Nicholas McClure etched inside. Knowing that Aggies treasure nothing more than their class rings, the trio embarked on a valiant quest to locate Mr. McClure and reunite him with his lost treasure. They were also curious to find out how it came to rest in such an obscure place.