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Lick Creek Star Party offers a relaxing escape

Silhouettes of people observing stars in night sky. Astronomy concept.

By Brooke Littlefield, Assistant Recreation Supervisor

The start of a new year typically means returning to busy schedules and beginning new ventures. Our fast-paced schedules can overtake the days, and we can’t seem to find time to pause and soak in the wonderful world around us.

A quiet evening in a serene, natural setting may be just what you need.

The Lick Creek Nature Center Star Party offers an ideal escape from your hectic lifestyle to explore the wonders of the nighttime sky. The free, family-friendly event is Friday, Feb. 21 from 7-10 p.m. and features space-themed crafts, activities, and stargazing.

We’ll learn about the phases of the moon, construct constellations, explore the night sky, and craft our way through the galaxy. Explorers can also enjoy galaxy-themed snacks, hot chocolate, and a photo booth.

Information booths about light pollution, constellations, nocturnal animals, and more will also enhance your understanding of the astronomical world. Additional parking is available at the Lick Creek equestrian entrance off Rock Prairie Road.

Grab your telescopes, friends, and family, and enjoy a night of stargazing and good company.

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About the Blogger

Brooke Littlefield is in her first year as an assistant recreation supervisor. A College Station native, she earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Texas A&M in 2017.


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Spots are going fast for Lick Creek Star Party

UPDATE (2/20): Since it might rain Friday night, we’ve closed registration so we can extend the Discovery Dome showings to last 30 minutes rather than 15. It will be the only activity if it rains. The Discovery Dome will be in the meeting room, and we’ll still have an RPTS booth with an activity and refreshments. We’ll contact registered participants to schedule their show time. If the weather is clear, we’ll still have the originally planned activities. 

By Emily Thornton, Lick Creek Nature Center Part-time Program Supervisor

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what constellations are visible, what that extra bright star is, or whether you see a planet, a moon, or a star? Maybe all that intergalactic information gets lost in, well, space.

Or, maybe you’re just looking for something fun and out of the ordinary to do on a Friday night.

Enter the inaugural Lick Creek Star Party on Friday, Feb. 22 from 7-10 p.m. The event takes place at the Lick Creek Nature Center at 13600 Rock Prairie Road. The City of College Station’s Parks and Recreation Department has partnered with Texas A&M’s Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences Department to bring this unique, star-studded event to area residents. (more…)