College Station’s blog-ometer rolls past 50,000

In spite of my one semester as a computer science major at Texas A&M — that’s when I learned the term “scholastic probation” — I’m far from being a numbers guy.  But I do appreciate milestone numbers, like admiring my truck’s odometer when it hits 20,000, 21,112, 22,222, 23,456 … you get the idea.

Recently, I’ve noticed some milestone numbers as they relate to a few of the ways we communicate information about the City of College Station.  Examples:

  • Facebook likes: 4,800+
  • Twitter followers: 4,000+
  • YouTube views: 345,500+
  • City blog posts: 200
  • Total blog views: 50,000+

We employ means of communication other than social media tools, but because data is so readily available through these, I wanted to spend a little time focusing on one in particular: the College Station blog.

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