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Neeley reflects on tenure as College Station’s city manager

David Neeley

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article originally appeared in the The Eagle on Sunday.

Jan. 11 was my last day as College Station’s city manager, which means the emails have stopped and my once-packed calendar is now clear. After 40 years of public service, this feels pretty good. I’m not quite done yet — I have some other things I’d like to do before begrudgingly accepting the label of “retired.”

I’d like to use this blog to look back at my four very exciting, always challenging, and supremely rewarding years with the City of College Station. As I told my staff during a small reception on my last day, I’ve never worked with a group of professionals — from front-line workers to department heads — more focused on serving the public.


More Details About City’s Reorganization Plan

After completing a thorough assessment of the city’s organizational structure, taking into consideration the fiscal condition as well as the 2012 budget proposals presented by the individual department heads, the City Manager’s Office is implementing the following reorganization plan. This plan will have an impact on several departments that will result in considerable recurring-cost savings to the city and significantly improve efficiency by refocusing resources on core services.

Economic Development
The economic development function in the city will be restructured by transitioning those activities from the Economic and Community Development Department to the City Manager’s Office. This change will allow for a more effective handling of the city’s economic development activities and at a lower cost.

The restructuring will result in the elimination of the Economic and Community Development Director position as well as three (3) other Full Time Equivalent (FTE) positions. The responsibilities of the director’s position will be moved to the City Manager’s Office, which will retain one (1) of the filled Economic Development Analyst positions to assist carrying out some of those duties. Additionally, the Community Development and Northgate District Divisions will remain intact, reporting to the Assistant Economic and Community Development Director (whose position is to be re-titled) and will be assigned to the Planning and Development Services Department for the time being. Some individuals in positions being eliminated will be considered for other appropriate positions within the organization as there may be an opportunity to move one (1) of the Analyst positions to the Budget Office where a vacancy currently exists.

FTE Reductions: 4.00 FTE (3.00 Filled / 1.00 Vacant)
Cost Savings: $309,945