Do fish eat mangled Jack-o-Lanterns?

Do fish eat mangled Jack-o-Lanterns?
We don’t really hate Halloween, just the day after.  Fishing broken, abused and mangled jack-o-lanterns out of the pond is a daunting task.  We wonder about the life of each jack-o-lantern and how it ended up as well-meant fish food in the tiny pond around the Wolf Pen Creek stage.   We wonder about the people who thought our fish might actually eat raw pumpkin.  We wonder, too, about the pumpkins that did not make it to the pond, but instead lay scattered along the sidewalks and streets surrounding the park. 

As sure as we are that each has its story, we’re also certain that whatever event took place Sunday night on the ghastly trails of Wolf Pen Creek was not planned or organized.  So, thank you to those who remind us each Halloween that it’s time to launch our urban conservation program with a community compost project.  We really hope it develops into something more than a dead jack-o-lantern clean-up project in 2011!

Since I can’t think of a cute segue from Halloween into Christmas, I’ll just put this out there:  Santa’s elves are full steam ahead preparing for Christmas in the Park, runs from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day at Stephen C. Beachy Central Park.  As December draws nearer, we’ll talk more about the baking contest and other exciting events that have been planned.

In the meantime, please mark your calendars for a double-dip weekend of memory walks to benefit Alzheimer’s research at Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater.  On Saturday, WPC will host the Memory Walk, a 3K fun run with family activities, followed by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Against Alzheimer’s 5K on Sunday.

And don’t forget — Brazos Valley World Fest Weekend is Nov. 13. We’ll be here and we hope to see you!

Sheila Walker
Sheila Walker
Recreation Supervisor/Special Events | Parks and Recreation

One thought on “Do fish eat mangled Jack-o-Lanterns?

  1. Dear Sheila,

    It is truly sad that folks have no more respect for their city or city employees than this. I doubt that those involved in this childish irresponsible act will read this blog. I do know that deer love to eat pumpkins. Maybe there is a workable solution there somewhere.

    It’s too bad the city doesn’t have the time or resources to fingerprint jack-o-lanters but I bet there are some Citizen Police Academy Alumni out there who just might like to take on this task or volunteer to be nightwatchmen at WPC next year.

    I, personally, thank all of the Wolf Pen Creek trail rangers and especially you, Sheila, for taking the high road and trying to make something positive out of this.

    Keep up the GREAT work!
    Anne Boykin

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