U.S. Census Confirms College Station’s Rapid Growth

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released population estimates for the state of Texas, including College Station. The data reveals what many College Station citizens know just by driving to work or school every day – College Station is growing. Since the last census was taken in 2000, more than 10,000 new housing units were constructed and more than 25,000 new residents call College Station home. Our 38 percent increase in population makes us one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities.

Why is this information important? The city uses census data to establish a base for estimating future population growth, and city council and staff use those projections to ensure city services will be provided to existing and future residents. As our population grows, we will need more police officers, more fire trucks, a greater water supply — you get the idea. To provide the services we all depend on, the city needs to know when to budget for those increased services, and the city council needs accurate information to make sound choices among competing priorities. Tracking population and growth trends is crucial to that decision-making process.

The census information also is valuable to many other public and private entities. Businesses use the population data to decide if they should expand into certain markets, and the federal government uses it to allocate funds for such things as transportation and community development block grants. And, of course, states base federal congressional district maps on population figures provided by the census. We expect College Station to continue its steady population growth in the coming decade, attracting new employers, new challenges and new neighbors to the Brazos Valley.

Lindsay Kramer
Lindsay Kramer
Senior Planner | Planning and Development Services

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