Truth & Rumors: No Left onto Barron Road?

RUMOR:Rumor has it that part of the Barron Road expansion will include blocking cars from turning left onto Barron from Springmist Drive.  This would cause more traffic in front of the new school and the intersection of Barron and Victoria, since people in Westfield Village would be forced to either go around and turn left from Victoria, or take Barron to Hwy 40.”

Submitted by Patrick Dexter, College Station

TRUE: The Barron Road Widening Phase 2 project will include a raised median across Springmist Drive, which will prevent any left turns entering or exiting Springmist Drive. 

FACTS: This drive is too close to the proposed signalized intersection of Victoria Avenue and too close to the left turn bay for Victoria Avenue to allow an opening in the median.  Such an opening would encourage an unsafe turning movement onto an arterial roadway that carries traffic between SH 6 and SH 40.  In addition, traffic from the Westfield Village Subdivision has access to both Victoria Avenue and Newport Drive, both of which have full access to Barron Road.  The signal at Victoria also will be a more efficient and safer way to travel north, and area residents are encouraged to use it.

SOURCE: Daniel Beamon, P.E, Assistant City Engineer

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