Truth & Rumors: City’s Involvement in Scott & White Hospital

RUMOR: The City of College Station is playing a large financial role in the development of the new Scott & White Hospital at Rock Prairie Rd. and State Hwy. 6.

STATUS: False.

FACTS: Erroneous information and misconceptions persist about the City of College Station’s participation in the new Scott and White Hospital and medical campus.  As approved by the city council, the city’s cost participation in this major investment in the community involves two infrastructure items:

  1. $1.1 million in sewer infrastructure will be constructed to provide city sewer service to the S&W hospital as well as the surrounding service area.  Scott & White will contribute $500,000 in cash and land to pay for their part of this project, and the city will fund the remaining portion for the surrounding area, similar to an oversize participation agreement.
  2. To allow Scott & White to bury all of the aerial electrical lines fronting the new hospital site, the city has agreed to bore under SH 6 at a cost of $80,000. Scott & White is responsible for the total cost of the electrical work at the site, which is estimated at $1.3 million.

Neither of the projects involving the city will occur on Scott & White’s property and no public funds will be paid directly to Scott & White for the long-term realization of this project.

In exchange for these two cost-participation items, the city will receive $130 million in new capital investment at the site in the project’s initial phase.  In addition, this investment will include approximately $30 million in taxable investment and will create more than 600 new high-paying jobs representing a projected annual payroll in excess of $40 million.

Source: City of College Station’s Economic and Community Development Department

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