City Council Meeting Summary (July 14)

This blog is a summary of the College Station City Council’s workshop and regular meetings on July 14 and is not the official minutes. Changes made to specific items will be recorded in the minutes, which will be available in approximately two weeks. Please note that the next council meeting has been moved from July 28 to Monday, July 25.

Workshop Meeting Highlights

Click here to watch the entire workshop meeting. Click on individual agenda items listed beneath the video window to view a specific segment.

Amendment to Taxicab Ordinance

The council voted 6-1 to adopt an amendment to the city’s taxicab ordinance, which was requested by the College Station Police Department. The amendment does not regulate taxi fare rates. The ordinance previously required only that rates be displayed in a “conspicuous place” inside the taxi. The amended ordinance requires rates to be posted in a conspicuous place for passengers in both the front and back seats, and on the outside of the taxi. CSPD is the central point of contact for any issues regarding taxicab operations and its non-emergency phone number must be posted along with the fare rates. Council member Jess Fields voted against the amendment.

Operation of Jitneys

Council received a presentation on the operation of jitneys in College Station and directed staff to bring back to the council an amendment to the taxicab ordinance that would regulate the vehicles. Jitneys are small motor vehicles such as buses or vans that transport passengers on a route for a shared fare. In March, a local jitney operator requested modifications to the city’s taxicab ordinance as it pertains to jitneys. The amendment would allow but not require fixed routes and would regulate jitneys the same as taxicabs. The amendment also would increase the occupancy limit to 15, including the driver.

Regular Meeting Highlights

Click here to watch the entire regular meeting. Click on individual agenda items listed beneath the video window to view a specific segment.

Consent Agenda

The council unanimously approved all the consent agenda items. Click here to view the individual consent items.

Regular Agenda

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The council voted 6-1 to adopt the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, which identifies the city’s parks and recreation needs for the next 10 years through specific goals, strategies and actions. The city projects that about 40,000 new residents will call College Station home in the next two decades, which will increase demands and challenges for its parks and recreation facilities and programs. Not implementing the plan would slow the city’s growth and development potential. The estimated cost is about $58 million, which includes projects that received voter approval in 2008, projects funded through existing and future parkland dedication or fees – which are paid by developers – and projects funded through future bond initiatives, fees and grants. City staff also showed how parks increase the values of nearby properties. The plan serves as a guide and does not obligate the council to spend the $58 million. It is also subject to change as the council considers individual projects. Council member Jess Fields voted against adopting the plan.

Rezoning of Property on Longmire

The council voted 6-0 to approve the rezoning of more than six acres on Longmire Drive near the College Station Medical Center. The rezoning will allow the development of a medical-related facility as part of the Medical Corridor being developed along Rock Prairie Road. Mayor Nancy Berry, who serves on the Medical Center Board of Trustees, abstained from the vote.


Video Archive of Council Meetings

Council Agendas and Minutes
(Official minutes of Thursday’s meetings will be available in two weeks)

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