City Council Preview (Dec. 8)

Here’s a quick look at some of the items the College Station City Council will be considering Thursday, Dec. 8, at its workshop and regular meetings. This blog is not intended as a complete and official agenda. Click here to see the entire agenda packets.

Workshop Meeting (3 p.m.)

CVB Audit Update and Progress Report

The council will discuss an update provided by the Bryan-College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau on the progress made since the recent audit by the city’s internal auditor.  Changes have been implemented, including adoption of an employee handbook, redefined economic development impact reporting, etc. 

Health Plan Claims Expenditures

The council will receive an overview of the employee benefits plan. The City of College Station’s health plan is self-insured, and the current health insurance program is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Regular Meeting (7 p.m.)

Consent Agenda

This is not a complete list of consent agenda items. Click here to view all the consent items.

School Speed Zones

The council will consider amending the city’s Code of Ordinances by adding a 25 mph school zone on Greens Prairie Trail and Royder Road near the new Greens Prairie Elementary School.  The school zone will extend along Greens Prairie Trail in front of the school and extend north, east, and south from the intersection with Royder Road. The addition of these school zones will provide safer conditions for the school children.

Homeland Security Grant

The council will consider accepting a $50,743 grant from the 2011 Homeland Security Grant Program. The funding will be used by the College Station Police Department to purchase equipment to enhance its response capabilities to terrorist threats or catastrophic events. The city has no matching funds committed.

Emerald Forest Drainage Improvements

The council will consider approving a construction contract of $162,899.69 with Follis-Cole Construction, LLC, for the Emerald Forest Drainage Improvements Project. The neighborhood requested these improvements in 2010, and staff has spent a significant amount of time working with property owners to answer questions about the impact of the improvements and to obtain temporary construction easements.  A naturally occurring creek runs along the back lots of several residential homes within these two sections.  Sections of this creek hold stagnant water and other areas of the creek are routinely eroding.  The project will address these issues.  

Stephen C. Beachy Central Park Improvements

The council will consider approving a construction contract of $712,656.42 with Dudley Construction for the Stephen C. Beachy Central Park Improvements project, which was approved by voters in the 2008 Bond Election. Improvements include the replacement of the existing concessions and restroom facility at the softball fields. 

National Junior College Bowl Game

The council will consider committing $25,000 in Hotel Occupancy Tax funds as part of the proposal to bring an annual National Junior College Athletic Association Football Bowl Game to Bryan-College Station.  In August, Blinn College began working with the Bryan-College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau to bring the Brazos Valley Bowl presented by Blinn College to the community in December 2012. The game is expected to attract guests to the community in a month that typically has fewer visitors. If the proposal is not accepted by the National Junior College Athletic Association, the city will not be obligated to fund the $25,000.

Lease Agreement with the CVB

The council will consider a lease agreement between the City of College Station and the Bryan-College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau, which leases the city-owned real property located at 715 University Dr. East in the Chimney Hill Shopping Center. The new agreement contains a three-year term with a two-year option exclusively with the CVB. If the city decides to use the property for another purpose, including economic development, it may terminate the lease with 180 days notice.

Regular Agenda

Rezoning for 300 Texas Avenue South

The council will consider rezoning almost 2 acres at 300 Texas Avenue South for the construction of a four-to-six story hotel, which would be compatible with the nearby hotel and restaurant uses and provide additional opportunities for visitors to stay close to key destinations.

Gilchrist Avenue On-street Parking Removal

The council will consider removing parking along the south side of Gilchrist, west side of a section of Ashburn and within 30 feet of the intersections of Gilchrist with Ashburn and Marsteller. A parking issue along Gilchrist has been created by parents parking on the street and walking their kids to College Hills Elementary School instead of waiting in the drop-off line on Francis.  The College Station Independent School District has requested that the city evaluate and address the parking situation. The parking removal plan was developed based on the residents’ input.

Graz and Vienna On-street Parking Removal

The council will consider removing parking along sections of Graz, Vienna, and Arnold streets in the Edelweiss subdivision at the request of the Edelweiss Homeowners Association. Parking on both sides of these streets makes it difficult for typical passenger vehicles and likely impossible for emergency vehicles.  City staff worked with the HOA to develop a plan to address the concerns without creating sight distance restrictions. 

Municipal Cemetery System

The council will consider changing the prices of cemetery spaces in the College Station Municipal Cemetery System. After reviewing the history of the fee schedule for the cemeteries, staff recommends a price structure the results in an average increase of 10 percent.  If approved, the new prices would be effective on Jan. 1.  The prices were last increased in September 2009. 

Sunset Commission Appointment

The council will appoint two citizens to the Sunset Advisory Commission, which serves as an advisory board to the council on whether certain city boards, commissions or committees continue to serve a public need.

Watch Live on Ch. 19

The workshop and regular meetings can be seen live on Suddenlink Ch. 19, or online. Previous council meetings are archived on the site.

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