7 Reasons to Love Christmas at the Creek

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Throughout December, the Wolf Pen Creek Park staff fluffed bows, repaired lights and picked up remnants of good times left behind from the night before. Most nights, we were here late and enjoyed just watching families wander through the park. It was fun to hear their remarks — and just about everyone had something to say about the change, the move, the transition.  And so we listened.

The little children were thrilled about the colorful lights, running from one to the next, and got even more excited as they went. The bigger kids seemed a bit skeptical that Christmas at the Creek will ever have as good a light show as Christmas in the Park. They tried to remember where the deer were at Stephen C. Beachy Central Park and argued about the train’s old location.  Meanwhile, most of the adults simply enjoyed the evening strolls and seem to believe the change was a positive one. 

Moving College Station’s annual Christmas event from Central Park was necessary for its survival.  We might have adjusted the name a bit, but it’s still the same program at heart.   We’ll keep using original art in handcrafting our lighting scenes, and we’ll continue making the scenes with the loving care and spirit as the great Christmas in the Park teams always did. 

Christmas in the Park evolved in its 28-year history from a tiny idea and small light display into a beloved community tradition.  For most of 27 years, I’ve been part of that evolution.  We’ve tried things that worked, and we’ve tried things that failed.  Regardless of what happened, we’ve listened to our guests, sponsors and participants, and we’ve adjusted.  This is exactly where we find ourselves today.

For the most part, the transition was hugely successful.  More than 20,000 guests visited Wolf Pen Creek Park for four days of events during the first two weekends in December.  Here are just seven of the reasons Wolf Pen Creek proved to be a perfect fit for Christmas at the Creek:

  1. Santa loves The Green Room.
  2. The performers loved the three stages.
  3. The lights were wonderful (and we hope to add more in the future).
  4. The food was terrific. 
  5. Our free hot chocolate is still the best in town.
  6. Our activities provide simple, hometown fun (mostly).
  7. Okay, we’ll admit the hayride needs a little tweaking. 

We’d love to hear what you think about the change. Just leave your comment on this blog, or on the city’s Facebook page.  All of us at Christmas at the Creek hope you had a peaceful and joyous holiday season, and we wish you the best in 2012.

Sheila Walker
Sheila Walker
Recreation Supervisor/Special Events | Parks and Recreation

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