State of the City (Part 3): Neighborhood Integrity

This is the third of a six-part series by City Manager David Neeley based on his 2011 State of the City Report.

Addressing Community Development

The HOME and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) programs provided assistance to more than 3,300 eligible individuals and families in 2011 while also providing over $150,000 to seven local public service agencies, including the Lincoln Recreation Center and Kids Klub

Engaging Neighborhoods

The Planning and Development Services Department continued implementation of the Central College Station Neighborhood Plan, completed the Eastgate Neighborhood Plan and also initiated the Southside Neighborhood and Wellborn District plans that should be completed in 2012.  Additionally, subdivision regulations were updated and six new homeowner and neighborhood associations were developed.  

Improved Police Services

The College Station Police Department continues to work on establishing connections with neighborhoods and individual residents through a number of new and expanded programs.  In 2011, four bicycle officer positions were added to assist with the increasing demands of Northgate and other areas of the city.  In conjunction with several other departments, Police also developed and implemented the City Watch Program, which uses city route drivers and work crews to help spot and report suspicious activity. 

Investing in Parks

The Parks and Recreation Department completed four park improvement projects including Brothers Pond, Woodcreek, Tarrow and Bee Creek parks. The various projects replaced gravel, upgraded sidewalks and bicycle paths, added lighting, and replaced playground and athletic equipment. These upgrades will ensure that our parks are among the best and will continue to serve as a source of enjoyment and leisure for families. 

Expanded Communication Opportunities

Planning and Development Services implemented a new mobile technology tool called See-Click-Fix that allows citizens to us their smartphone or desktop computer to report code enforcement violations or other non-emergency issues such as curb damage or missing signs. 

Tomorrow’s blog will examine what’s been accomplished under the Diverse and Growing Economy initiative. Previous posts in the series:

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