Live Blog: Thursday’s City Council Meetings (Feb. 23)

7:35 p.m.

The regular meeting has been adjourned. The council meets again on March 8.

7:34 p.m.

Rock Prairie Road West Right-of-Way

The council approved by a 6-1 vote a resolution determining the public necessity to acquire right-of-way and easements along Rock Prairie Road West between State Highway 6 and Normand Drive to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety and pedestrian mobility as the Medical District  develops. Councilmember Jess Fields voted against the motion. Approved by voters in the 2008 bond election, the project will provide for additional travel lanes and will allow the city to proceed with design and construction of improvements to complement the new grade separation at State Highway 6 and Rock Prairie Road, which is in the design phase.

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation received by the council:


7:17 p.m.

A member of College Station Boy Scout Troop 802, 13-year-old Nicolas Farmer,  broke a tie between two vendors who submitted identical bids to the city. Nicolas drew an index card from a scout hat and read the winning name. The winning bid of $21,700 by the Stuart C. Irby Company was for devices that protect electrical equipment from being damaged by birds and squirrels.

7:14 p.m.

Consent Agenda

The council unanimously approved these items:

  • A change order to cancel the design contract with HDR Engineering, Inc., for the Raymond Stotzer West Infrastructure Project due to a change in the water and wastewater service plan.
  • A resolution to improve efficiency of contract administration procedures.
  • The application and acceptance of an Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division grant.
  • Changes to the electric rate ordinance lowering the rates charged for Wind Watts wind power effective March 1, 2012.
  • An Advance Funding Agreement with the TxDOT for the College Main Plaza and PatriciaILodge Street Improvements.
  • An Advance Funding Agreement with TxDOT for the Rock Prairie Road Bridge Improvements.
  • A resolution awarding the bid and approval of construction contract of $95,625 with VOX Construction for site improvements in Georgie K. Fitch Park. Improvements will include  sidewalks, area lights, trees, irrigation, signage and a drinking fountain.

The council pulled these items for a separate vote:

  • Voted 6-1 to approve a resolution to support the planning efforts for the Medical District and acknowledge the economic development initiatives of the planned infrastructure improvements in the area. Councilmember Jess Fields voted against the motion.
  • Voted 7-0 to approve the annual traffic contact report required annually by the state legislature.
  • Voted 7-0 to approve a resolution suspending the March 6 effective date of Atmos Energy Corp.’s requested rate change.
  • Voted 6-1 to approve a resolution selecting a professional contractor, approving a professional services contract and authorizing as much as $94,885 for the development of an Economic Development Master Plan. Councilmember Jess Fields voted against the motion.

7:01 p.m.

The regular meeting has started.

5:12 p.m.

The workshop has been adjourned and the council has gone into executive session. The council will return for the regular session at 7 p.m.

5:09 p.m.

The council discussed possible agenda items for the joint meeting with the CSISD board of trustees scheduled for March 7.

4:57 p.m.

Wind Watts Rate Reduction

The council heard a presentation on possibly lowering the rates for wind power offered through the Wind Watts program. In January, the council asked staff to remove the premium portion of the Wind Watts wind energy rider that provided funds for green initiatives. The premium rate generated about $40,000 in Fiscal Year 2011, which was 75 percent of the total Wind Watts revenue. That proposed rates, which would be take effect March 1, are outlines in the PowerPoint presentation below. The council will consider the proposal as part of the consent agenda at tonight’s regular meeting.

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation received by the council:

4:45 p.m.

Economic Development Master Plan

The council received a presentation on the development of an economic development master plan. The preparation of the plan was included in the approved Fiscal Year 2012 budget and will assist the city’s efforts outlined in the Council Strategic Plan. The project will be led by the Planning & Development Services Department, which will be assisted by the City Manager’s Office and a consultant team. This approach allows the city to secure a higher level of services from the consultant team and will do so at essentially the same cost as originally budgeted with the Comprehensive Plan. The contract is on the consent agenda for tonight’s regular meeting.

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation received by the council:

3:05 p.m.

The workshop has started. The workshop and regular meetings can be watched live on Suddenlink Ch. 19, or online.

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