Truth & Rumors: Repairing Private Water, Sewer Lines

Rumor: The City of College Station endorses specific insurance coverage for repairing water and sewer lines on private property.

Status: False

It has come to our attention that some insurance companies plan to advertise in College Station regarding an insurance policy to cover repairs to private water and sewer lines. 

In most cases, city ownership of water lines ends at the water meter, and city ownership of sewer lines ends at the property line. City employees are not allowed to work on private lines and if something happens to those lines, the homeowner is responsible for making the repairs. 

For a monthly fee, insurance companies typically provide coverage for those repairs under certain circumstances. However, the City of College Station is not affiliated with any of these insurance companies and does not endorse their products. We urge you to consider these offers carefully and make sure you understand all provisions before signing a contract. 

SOURCE: David Coleman, Water Services Director

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