Previewing Monday’s City Council Meetings (May 14)

Here’s a quick overview of some of the items the College Station City Council will be discussing at its workshop and regular meetings on Monday, May 14. This blog is not a complete and official agenda.

The workshop and regular meetings can be watched live on Suddenlink Ch. 19, or online. Previous council meetings are archived on the website. A detailed live blog from the meetings will be posted on this site and also can be accessed through the city’s Facebook page.

Workshop Meeting (6 p.m.)

Strategic Plan and Budget Update

The council will receive updates on the Strategic Plan and the process for the Fiscal Year 2013 city budget.

Regular Meeting (7 p.m.)

Consent Agenda

This is not a complete list of consent agenda items. Refer to the regular meeting agenda for a list of all the consent items.

Cooperative Purchasing Agreements

The council will consider whether the city should participate in Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing Agreements with National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance, National Joint Powers Alliance and U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance. The agreements would allow the city to use existing contracts awarded by other public agencies to purchase such items as office supplies, furniture, computer equipment, and chemicals. Using the bargaining power of a large group reduces advertising costs and other overhead costs. The city is not obligated to use these contracts and will do so only when it serves its best interests.

Regular Agenda

Youth Advisory Council

The council will receive the annual report on the Youth Advisory Council, which was created in 2007 to help educate youths about city government, departments, programs and activities. Made up of high school students, the group assists the city council in making informed decisions on issues impacting local youths.

Residential Utility Deposit/Commercial Delinquent Fees

The council will discuss a proposal to raise utility deposit amounts for residential customers and the delinquent fee for commercial customers to help offset the amount of write-offs, which have increased in recent years. If the council decides to move forward, it could approve the ordinance at its May 24 meeting.

Naming Policy for City Facilities

The council will consider changes to the naming policy for city facilities and sub-facilities. The revised guidelines include definitions of facilities and sub-facilities, naming criteria and guidelines, restrictions on the naming of facilities, procedures for the naming process and guidelines for the renaming process. The revisions also address plaques, markers and memorials.

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