Hey, coach! I’m ready to play!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third in a series we’re posting throughout July in observance of Parks & Recreation Month.

Over the years, I have seen many lives impacted by what we do in Parks and Recreation. The positive stories about how our programs influence the community are countless, but I recently received this note from one of our volunteer coaches: 

“During our most recent season, my team had the opportunity to grow in ways that I was not expecting. I had been telling the team for a few weeks that our last game was likely going to be most challenging and that the other team had some really good players on it. I practiced with the girls especially hard the last few weeks trying to prepare them the best that I could.  The night before the game, I talked to them about, win or lose, playing their hardest and working as a team.

During warm-ups, it was obvious the other team had a ‘we-will-win mentality.’  I reminded my team what we had spent the whole season working on.  Our girls played with a level of intensity that I had not seen all season long.  While we were not the most skilled team, our girls had great determination, mental focus, drive and really pulled together as a team, stepping up to make big plays.

Our team outhustled the other team.  We’ve had wins and losses throughout the season but that win was like winning a championship to the girls.  The girls were ecstatic and pleased with their hard work.  The parents made comments that it was such a great game and that they would have even paid to watch it.  It was a very proud moment for me as a coach.  It was a very proud time for the players and parents as well.  I never imagined a game at this level seeming so important to these young players.  Our team could not have foreseen such a great outcome.

Thank you for your efforts in putting together such a quality season for my team to experience.”

Those types of experiences vividly illustrate the positive impact that parks and recreation programs can have on our community. To find out more about what the College Station Parks & Recreation Department has to offer, check out our website at cstx.gov/parks.

Geri Marsh

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