City Council Meeting Preview (August 23)

Here’s a quick look at some of the items the College Station City Council will be discussing at its workshop and regular meetings on Thursday, August 23. This blog is not the complete and official agenda.

The workshop and regular meetings can be watched live on Suddenlink Ch. 19, or online. Previous council meetings are archived on the website. A detailed live blog from the meetings will be posted on this site and can also be accessed through the city’s Facebook page.

Workshop Meeting (6 p.m.)

Wastewater Collection Projects

The council will hear a report on the status of major wastewater collection construction projects, which will require significant capital investment in the next decade to meet demands and enable development. The major projects they will discuss are the Bee Creek Trunk Line, Wellborn Gravity Sewer Line, East Side Sewer System, Northeast Trunk Line, and the Spring Creek Corporate Campus and Lick Creek Trunk Lines.

South Knoll-The Glade Utility Rehabilitation Project

The council will receive a presentation on the South Knoll-The Glade Utility Rehabilitation Project. The council will consider the construction contract for the project as part of the consent agenda. The project includes the rehabilitation of water and wastewater utility infrastructure in the area generally bordered by Glade Street, Haines Drive, Langford Street and Bee Creek Drive.

Regular Meeting (7 p.m.)

Consent Agenda

This is not a complete list of consent agenda items. Refer to the regular meeting agenda for a list of all the consent items.

Loading Zone on University Drive at College Main

The council will consider creating a loading zone on University Drive between College Main and Lodge Street. During public meetings on the University Drive Pedestrian Safety Project, merchants expressed a desire for a commercial loading zone for commercial delivery trucks. The loading zone also was included in the Memorandum of Understanding with the Northgate District Association.

Brazos County Election Services

The council will consider an interlocal agreement with Brazos County for administering the city’s general and special election on Nov. 6. At stake in the election are two city council seats and nine proposed amendments to the city charter. The council also will consider approving the Notice of Election, which must appear in The Eagle and La Voz Hispana in both English and Spanish.

The estimated election cost of $115,000 will be shared by the entities on the ballot.  The cost of the Notice of Election is expected to be $50,500 and includes translation services.

South Knoll-The Glade Utility Rehabilitation Contract

The council will consider a construction contract for $3.7 million with Elliott Construction for the South Knoll-The Glade Utility Rehabilitation Project, along with a resolution declaring intention to reimburse certain expenditures with proceeds from debt. The council will discuss this item in detail in the workshop meeting.

ILA with Brazos Transit District

The council will consider an inter-local agreement with the Brazos Transit District for the construction of two bus shelters. The agreement would include a 25 percent match by the city, not to exceed $12,500, from the Strong & Sustainable Neighborhood Grant program. The Brazos Transit District has an earmarked grant of about $600,000 from the Federal Transit Administration for the construction of bus shelters, which includes the local match provision.  Only two shelters will be funded this fiscal year at three potential locations:

  • Longmire Drive northbound between Airline Drive and Harvey Mitchell Parkway.
  • Texas Avenue southbound between Harvey Mitchell Parkway and Brothers Boulevard.
  • If the Texas Avenue site isn’t viable, the alternative site is on Longmire Drive northbound between Treehouse Trail and Deacon Drive.

Agreement with Brazos Valley Community Action Agency

The council will consider an agreement with the Brazos Valley Community Action Agency (BVCAA) to revise the use of Community Housing Development Organization proceeds generated from activities completed with HOME Investment Partnership Program grant funds. The change will allow BVCAA to keep building new, affordable single-family homes and allow for other eligible affordable housing activities such as rental rehabilitation, single-family rehabilitation, weatherization and minor repairs. 

East District Maintenance Shop

The council will consider a contract for $100,850 with Hawkins Architecture for designing an expansion to the existing Veterans Park maintenance facility, which was approved by voters in 2008. The East District Maintenance Shop project will provide two additional maintenance bays, a tool room, a chemical room and additional storage.

Emerald Forest Drainage Improvements Project

The council will consider a deductive change order of $160,192 to the contract with Follis-Cole Construction for the Emerald Forest Drainage Improvements Project. Improvements include re-grading several locations along the creek, clearing and grubbing of overgrown brush and trees, and the installation of gabion basket walls and mattresses to help prevent future erosion along the creek channel.

Wolf Pen Creek Park Electrical Additions

The council will consider a contract for $61,406.31 with Dailey Electric to add electrical power at various locations throughout Wolf Pen Creek Park, including outlets, breakers, timers, underground conduit, transformers and other equipment.

Chamber of Commerce Funding Agreement

The council will consider a Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund funding agreement for $25,000 with the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce.

Copying and Printing Services

The council will consider annual expenditures for copying and printing services to include an estimated $40,000 to Tops Printing,  $40,000 to Copy Corner, $20,000 to Office Depot, and $20,000 to Cerqa. The estimates are based on the past year’s history.

Financial Advisory Consulting Services

The council will consider renewing a contract not to exceed $175,000 with First Southwest Company for financial advisory services.

Regular Agenda

Proposed Budget Public Hearing

The council will conduct a public hearing on the city’s Proposed FY13 Budget as required by the city charter. Final adoption of the budget and tax rate is set for Sept. 13.

Southside Area Neighborhood Plan

The council will consider adopting the Southside Area Neighborhood Plan to stabilize and protect the neighborhood while encouraging appropriate redevelopment opportunities. The area generally is bounded by George Bush Drive, Texas Avenue South, Holleman Drive, Welsh Avenue, Southwest Parkway and Wellborn Road.

Staff has worked closely with neighborhood residents to address community character and land use, neighborhood integrity, mobility and public facilities. The plan includes new sidewalks and street lights, amendments to the Future Land Use and Character Map, and the creation of character preservation zoning options. Previous neighborhood plans were adopted for Central College Station in 2010 and Eastgate in 2011.

Appointment to BVCOG

The council will discuss appointing a representative to the Brazos Valley Council of Governments. Mayor Nancy Berry’s term on the board of directors ends Sept. 30.

Health and Human Services Commission Waiver

The council will consider an agreement with the College Station Medical Center to begin discussing a partnership for an employee clinic. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has received federal approval for the 1115 Waiver program to provide incentive payments to hospitals and other providers to enhance quality, cost-effectiveness and access to health care.

The program establishes a framework for regional partnerships focused on improving health care. The agreement is required under the waiver program, but is non-binding on any action or agreements.