College Station continues to plan for prosperity

College Station finds itself at a unique point in its history. As we prepare to celebrate our city’s 75th anniversary in 2013, we are approaching a population of 100,000 people while emerging from one of our nation’s most challenging economic crises.

Within this context, our unprecedented and rapid growth has challenged us to meet the resulting demand for infrastructure. Some examples:

  • In Northgate, a 17-story mixed-use building is rising among tens of millions of dollars of similar investments in new housing and business projects.
  • Planning and construction continues on expanding or rehabilitating transportation options such as Barron Road, the Rock Prairie Road Bridge and the Lick Creek Greenway Trail.
  • To accommodate economic activity and promote our high quality of life, we’ve invested in necessary infrastructure such as the Bee Creek sewer line, Wellborn sewer line, Lick Creek Nature Center, Fire Station  No. 6 and Health Science Center Parkway.

These activities don’t happen by chance. In each instance, they represent years of planning by the city and action by our citizens. College Station has spent decades planning its transportation network, wastewater system, parks programs and more to encourage and enable economic development. As a result, when combined with the growth and strength of Texas A&M, our local economy is among the most successful and stable in the nation.

Our city’s future demands no less.

As new economic opportunities emerge, our innovative citizens will expect their local government to ensure a favorable economic environment. Significant opportunities exist with the BioCorridor, Medical District, and new developments in Tower Point and the area surrounding Castlegate.

At the same time, we also recognize that economic growth can’t come at the expense of the other things we value about our community. The visionary and careful planning we’ve seen in Wellborn and our many diverse neighborhoods serves to protect and preserve their special qualities while accommodating our growth.

These challenges demand active involvement by our citizens and leadership from our elected officials.  College Station has been blessed with a high quality of life and a resilient economy, along with a citizenry that takes its role seriously. The road to continued prosperity is similar to the path that has served us so well in the past — define where we want to go, then plan and work together to make it happen.

With October being National Community Planning Month, it’s important to recognize the vital role that planning has and will continue to play in our city’s history. College Station’s accomplishments in its first 75 years are truly amazing, and with the right decisions and leadership, the future holds even greater promise.

Bob Cowell
Bob Cowell | Executive Director

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