Youth tennis program stirs up a racket

10-and-Under TennisWhat would happen if your 5-year-old wanted to play soccer, but had to play with adult-size soccer balls, on adult-size fields, with adult-size goals?

What if your 8-year-old chose softball and had to play with the same size bat as an Olympian?

They probably wouldn’t have much fun.

For many years, kids have tried to learn the game with adult equipment, but thanks to 10 and Under Tennis, that’s no longer an obstacle.

Now they can use age-appropriate courts, rackets and tennis balls. The shorter, lighter rackets and balls that bounce lower allow for faster development. Court sizes have also been modified with lower nets to give kids a chance to have success sooner and enjoy the game more.

The Parks and Recreation Department is implementing these kid-friendly features in its Fall Youth Tennis program. The United States Tennis Association’s “blended lines” have been painted on the courts at Central and Bachmann parks. Blended lines are a permanent way to better use court space, particularly for lessons.

In addition to the 10-and-under format, the program will have an array of amenities, including a new, appropriately sized racket, a dri-fit shirt and a can of tennis balls. The program will also have a carnival-style game night with food and games.

Registration is underway and runs through Sept. 27. The cost is $70 for residents, $140 for non-residents, and includes six weeks of lessons starting Oct. 7. Programs are available for ages 5 through 18 years old.

To register online, go to or drop by the Parks and Recreation Office at 1000 Krenek Tap Rd. For more information, call 979.764.3486.

Tennis is a sport your kids can play the rest of their lives, so get them started today!

Gerry Logan

Gerry Logan | Athletics Supervisor

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