CS’s five most popular blog posts of 2013

A&M vs Florida

Reaching the end of a year always provides an opportunity for reflection. Like College Station’s population odometer, the number of views to our blog is about to roll over 100,000. Accounting for nearly 10 percent of those views are the five most-popular posts of 2013 (click on the title to read the respective blogs):

No. 5 

The greatest B-CS song you may have never heard

Dusted off from the 1960s, this little gem graced the WTAW-AM airwaves and really got creative when touting the positive qualities of the community. Among them: a wide main street, a nuclear reactor and deer hunting that’s “better than it was when the Indians were around.” Not joking.  Listen for yourself.

No. 4

Guess what city is the nation’s second-fastest growing college town?

Please tell me you guessed College Station. Otherwise, what would the point have been to create the post?

No. 3 

Is your drinking water dangerous?

This is actually our all-time most-viewed post, and it dates to 2011. Interestingly, it earns views every single day, allowing it to be our third most-viewed post of 2013. “Water Chick” Jennifer Nations tackles the topic of the quality of College Station’s tap water.

No. 2

What’s allowed for game day housing rentals – and what’s not

This post surely got the community’s attention since so many folks are eager to welcome our new Southeastern Conference fans into their living rooms — sometimes for a hefty price! It not only sparked conversations among neighbors, but also among city council members.

No. 1 

CSU’s new hotline will mean no more busy signals

This post was the granddaddy of 2013, and it makes sense when you consider College Station Utilities implemented a brand-new outage reporting system and phone number. Old habits are hard to break, but this post helped explain the whys and hows.

Happy New Year! 

Jay Socol
Jay Socol
Director | Public Communications

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