Radar markings enhance bicycle detection

_MG_9049The City of College Station is taking bicycle detection to a higher level by adding pavement markings to intersections with radar detection.

At the intersection of Timber Street at George Bush Drive, we’ve installed radar detection that detects bicycles and cars more accurately than the inductive loops and cameras used at most of the city’s traffic signals. We’ve also installed bicycle detection markings to inform bicyclists that they will be detected at the intersection every time — not hit-or-miss like other _MG_9060detection devices.

When a bicycle is positioned on top of the marking, the traffic signal knows the bicyclist is waiting for a green light. When the light turns green, they may proceed through the intersection.

Additional bicycle detection pavement markings will eventually be added to other intersections where radar detection is used. Bicyclists will be certain they are detected by the traffic signal when they stop over this pavement marking.

For more information or to express other traffic concerns, contact me at 979-764-3690 or jrobertson@cstx.gov.

James Robertson | Graduate Traffic Engineer

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