College Station to spray for West Nile mosquitoes

mosquito-1318443083oGdIn the next few days, the City of College Station will be fogging areas where mosquitoes tested positive last week for the West Nile virus. Targeted fogging operations will continue through mosquito season if additional positive tests occur.

The best defense against mosquitoes are mosquito dunks, which are available for purchase through the city’s Mosquito Abatement Program. The non-toxic dunks are specially designed to kill mosquito larvae before they hatch.  When used consistently in standing water where mosquitoes are likely to breed, dunks are an effective way to control and reduce mosquito populations around your home.

Homeowner and neighborhood associations registered with the city’s Neighborhood Partnership Program are eligible for reimbursement for purchasing dunks. If you are not part of a neighborhood or homeowners association, you can still purchase the mosquito dunks through the City of College Station at a reduced price, but you will not be eligible for the rebate. Dunks can also be found at area home improvement stores and other retail outlets.

For more information the Mosquito Abatement Program or to purchase dunks, please contact Neighborhood Services Coordinator Barbara Moore at or 979-764-6262. For more information about the West Nile virus in our area, contact the Brazos County Health Department at 979-361-4440.

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2 thoughts on “College Station to spray for West Nile mosquitoes

  1. This is using a cannon to kill a fly.

    Spraying this poison will kill all the *beneficial* insects as well as the mosquitoes. Such as the beekeepers who live inside the CS city limits. Is the city going to reimburse them when they walk out and find a hive full dead bees?

    Hint: a full beehive can be worth upwards of $600. Each. And that doesn’t count the cost of the honey inside the hive that just got poisoned.