Start Smart Football draws up winning play for youth

Rob Hainer / 123RF Stock PhotoIn many cases, a child’s first organized sports experience is through a league that focuses on competition rather than learning the basic skills they need to succeed.

Prior to joining competitive youth programs, kids need to master the fundamental athletic skills that serve as a foundation for developing more complex skills. If forced into competitive situations too soon, children can quickly become frustrated — and so can their parents.

For a child to have the best chance at enjoying a sport and being successful, a proper, age-appropriate period of instruction is crucial. That’s why the College Station Parks and Recreation Department has joined forces with the National Alliance for Youth Sports to offer Start Smart Football.

Start Smart FootballDesigned for kids ages 4-6, the program teaches the basic skills needed for organized football while kids work one-on-one and spend quality time with their parents. The program focuses on teaching fundamental mechanics outside a competitive environment without the fear of getting hurt.

Start Smart Football sessions are conducted once a week for six weeks, with the exercises becoming more difficult as the class progresses and the children show improvement. Here’s a closer look at how the program works:

Sports Readiness Pretest & Skill Development Exercises

Week 1: Throwing at a large target, catching above the waist, kicking from a tee for distance, running and agility.

Skill Development Exercises

Week 2: Throwing for distance and accuracy at a large and small target, catching below the waist and to the side of the body, running and then kicking from the tee for distance, kicking for distance and accuracy at a large target, running and agility.

Week 3: Throwing for accuracy at two smaller targets, catching above the waist and below the waist while moving, kicking without a tee, kicking for accuracy to parents, running and agility.

Week 4: Throwing to a partner, catching to the side of the body while moving, catching from above, hold and punt, running and agility.

Week 5: Throwing in a circle of participants, throwing at a moving target, jump and catch, catching with flags, punting for distance, punting for accuracy, running and agility.

Skills Development Exercises & Mock Game

Week 6: Throwing for distance and accuracy to a moving target, catching while going out for a pass, punting for accuracy to parents, running and agility.

Register your child today!

Registration closes Friday, Sept. 5, with the program starting Sept. 15. The cost is $70 per child and includes an NFL logo reversible jersey and one set of flags.

To register online, go to or drop by the Parks and Recreation Office at 1000 Krenek Tap Rd. For more information, go to or call 979.764.3486.

Kelli Nesbitt
Kelli Nesbitt | Marketing Coordinator
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