CSPD officer used SABA kit to save citizen’s life

By Lt. Chuck Fleeger, CSPD Public Information Officer

badge-officerLate on the night of Oct. 15, Daniel Crites was among the College Station police officers who responded to a call about a person needing medical attention. Arriving ahead of paramedics, the officers found the individual’s condition rapidly deteriorating.

Officer Crites realized the person was having difficulty breathing and discovered that swelling had obstructed the airway. Crites inserted a pharyngeal tube from his department-issued Self Aid Buddy Aid (SABA) kit through the individual’s nose, allowing air into the lungs. The citizen was soon transported to a hospital and was successfully treated.

Paramedics and hospital personnel said Crite’s quick actions saved the person’s life.

As a result, Officer Crites will be presented with an Outstanding Service Award at the 2015 College Station Police Department Awards Banquet in January. The award recognizes a single act or consistent outstanding service that helps the department fulfill its community service mission. 

In 2013, CSPD began issuing SABA kits to our officers, who must complete an intensive training session conducted by the College Station Fire Department. As the citizen Officer Crites assisted would attest, our officers are now equipped with the skills and tools they need to administer life-saving aid during active incidents when medical professionals or either unavailable or can’t respond.

About the Author
Lt. Chuck Fleeger has 24 years of service with the College Station Police Department and has served as public information officer since 2013. A native of College Station, Fleeger attended Texas A&M. 

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