Temporary CSPD communications move doesn’t hinder responders

By Lt. Chuck Fleeger, CSPD Public Information Officer

Misc April 2015 001Most of us have been through home improvement projects at one time or another. We know what that can mean – our lives turned upside down by inconveniences that seem to last forever.

What if the project also impacted your place of business, or even forced you to shut it down?

Talk about stress.

The College Station Police Department’s Communications Division had to deal with that kind of issue this week. Required improvements and electrical work to our Communications Center on Thursday and early Friday meant the whole operation would be out of service for a couple of days.

Obviously, shutting down public safety communications and giving our dispatchers a couple of days off wasn’t an option.

6173632359_7b8ca58666_bThankfully, we have a backup center at Fire Station No. 6, so we didn’t miss a beat. We continued to take calls, our responders were able to conduct business, and the whole process was seamless for our citizens. We moved back into our renovated Communications Center this afternoon.

An added benefit is that we’re be confident that our backup systems work properly when they’re needed.

This is just one example of how dedicated public servants find ways to adapt to any situation to serve our citizens.

About Lt. Fleeger: Lt. Chuck Fleeger has 24 years of service with the College Station Police Department and has been public information officer since 2013. A native of College Station, Fleeger attended Texas A&M. 

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