Drive cautiously as new traffic controllers are installed

Copyright:  / 123RF Stock PhotoBy Troy Rother, City Traffic Engineer

The City of College Station Traffic division on Monday will begin installing new controllers on the city’s 78 traffic signals. The project is expected to take about two weeks and will include new communication equipment and software.

During implementation, please obey traffic control and warning devices, and remember that dark signals — those not switching from green to yellow to red – are treated as four-way stop intersections under state law.

The signal work will typically be done nights and mornings when traffic is lightest. The signals will be flashing while the controller is being replaced and other equipment is installed.

When fully implemented by early fall, these significant improvements will help us respond quicker to signal issues and modify signal timings in real time to address congestion related to accidents. With better detection and changeable message signs in the field, we can also begin addressing our more chronic traffic issues.

The College Station City Council approved the $200,000 project in January as part of our Intelligent Traffic Systems Master Plan.

For more information, contact me at 979-764-3690 or

About Troy: Troy Rother is in his 12th year as traffic engineer for the City of College Station after two years as a transportation engineer with the Texas Department of Transportation and two years with Wilbert Smith Associates. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from Texas A&M.

Photo Credit: 123RF Stock Photo

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