If you think College Station’s not scenic, you’re wrong

By Aubrey Nettles, Special Projects Coordinator

Silver proud logo no backgroundA non-profit organization called Scenic Texas believes the success of a city’s economic development efforts has a direct correlation to the visual appearance of its public spaces. We agree, which is why the City of College Station actively encourages economic growth that enhances and maintains our residents’ quality of life.

Our progress has led Scenic City to award us a silver certification as a community with high scenic standards. We’re one of only 20 cities across the state to earn this designation for 2015-20.

Scenic Texas scored us based on more than 70 criteria such as the percentage of park and open space, litter enforcement laws, street lighting standards, parking lot landscaping, and utility line management. Factors recognized were our strict sign code, use of natural resources through our Greenways Program, and our Storm Water Management Program.

College Station will be officially awarded the Scenic City certification on Sept. 24 at the Texas Municipal League’s Annual Conference in San Antonio.

As a College Station resident, I take pride in the beauty of my city. Through this process, it was encouraging to see the mechanisms in place to ensure that College Station maintains a high level of quality scenic standards.

Being a “scenic city” is a never ending process, but the positive impacts are evident. Our residents benefit from living in an attractive atmosphere and the extraordinary scenic standards maintained by the City of College Station enhances economic development by helping to attract new businesses.


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