Podcast: Would new impact fees impact me?

By Jay Socol, Public Communications Director

A new housing development pops up — it means more cars on our streets, more yards being watered and more toilets being flushed. Should an established College Station resident have to subsidize the additional wear and tear — and eventual expansion — on that infrastructure?

That’s being explored by the College Station City Council, which has asked for more information related to impact fees: one-time costs only to buyers of new homes who are bringing additional impact to the city’s infrastructure.

In this edition of the podcast, City Manager Kelly Templin explains how impact fees would work should the council eventually green-light this growth-driven, designated revenue stream.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: Would new impact fees impact me?

  1. Impact Fees is an interesting concept. Reminds me of what a lot of cities do with Water Districts. For a new subdivision, the fees are higher until that subdivision begins to payout then fees are lowered. I have often wondered why the city Of College Station does not ever lower their fees. Seems to me the “infrastructure” is paid for at some point and fees should be lowered as a subdivision ages.

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