Our most popular social media posts of 2015

tellmemoreBy Colin Killian, Public Communications Manager

Since The City of College Station joined the social media revolution in early 2009, sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become a mainstay in our efforts to effectively communicate information about our programs, services, events and activities.

In the early days, we had only a few hundred Facebook and Twitter followers. But despite the early naysayers, our social media presence has continued to grow. In 2015, the number of fans following our Facebook page increased by 55 percent to 11,400 and the number of our Twitter followers rose by 33 percent to 12,800.

KylefieldWe posted almost 800 tweets in 2015, resulting in nearly 2,800 retweets. The top tweet noted that the attendance at the Texas A&M-Mississippi State game was almost identical to our October population estimate. It had 621 retweets and 481 likes.

Measuring Facebook posts can be more difficult. Do you go by people reached, or use an engagement metric such as shares, likes or comments? Do you count paid Facebook posts or just organic, non-paid posts? We decided to rank our posts by total shares and to include paid posts.

Our top promoted Facebook post featured Trick or Treat at Werewolf Creek and resulted in 715 shares and reached more than 79,000 people. Our top organic post was about CSISD ranking among the state’s top school districts. It attracted 204 shares and reached almost 47,000 people.

What about YouTube? New views of our YouTube channel grew by 13 percent to a total of 216,718 in 2015. The dash cam video of the CSPD officer helping to rescue a motorist from a burning car was our most popular of the year with 5,232 views.

Here are the City of College Station’s most popular social media posts of 2015, based on shares, retweets, and views:


We encourage you to follow our social media pages. It’s among the best ways to get credible information about what’s going on with your local government, including road closures, power outages, etc.

On Wednesday, we’ll review our top blog posts and podcasts of 2015.


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