3 ways Citizens Fire Academy will make a better you in 2016

By Christina Seidel, CSFD Public Education Officer

Let me suggest to you that being part of the College Station Citizens Fire Academy will fulfill one or more of your New Year’s resolutions.

Okay, stay with me…

Most of us have lists of resolutions that include things like living a healthier lifestyle, saving more and spending less, and simply enjoying life to the fullest — right? Our free, 12-week Citizens Fire Academy is just the thing!

Live a healthier lifestyle!

This one’s easy. During Citizens Fire Academy, you’ll be issued firefighting gear that weighs about 45 pounds. Just carrying the gear bag to and from class is a great start to a new fitness regimen. You’ll also wear that gear while performing some of our hands-on activities. And then toward the end of the class, you’ll be given the opportunity to complete the very same agility physical test that all potential College Station firefighters must pass.

Citizens Fire Academy
Save more, spend less!

For the crazy-low price of FREE, you’ll have a terrific experience being part of Citizens Fire Academy; plus, you’ll make new friends and develop an enormous understanding of what it takes to be an emergency responder in a fast-growing, university city.

Enjoy life to the fullest!

If you desire to enjoy life a little more, committing to one night a week for 12 weeks (6:30-9:30 p.m.) is a great place to start. By participating in CFA, you’ll meet College Station firefighters and paramedics, go behind the scenes at the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service’s world-famous Brayton Fire Training Field, and have the opportunity to join CSFD as a volunteer once you complete the program.

Did I mention that you’ll learn to tear apart a vehicle by using the “jaws of life,” climb a 100-foot fire truck ladder, and put out a real fire while wearing full bunker gear (remember the 45 pounds of stuff I mentioned earlier?) to see just what firefighters experience at a scene? After graduation, you can take part in a ride-along with fire crews to get an even fuller sense of what being a firefighter is all about.

Bonus: For those who want to help others

Our Citizens Fire Academy also opens doors for those who truly have a passion for helping those in crisis. Once you complete CFA, you can choose to receive additional training to join our Community Action Response Team, or CART, which assists victims of residential fires and other disasters. There’s also our Rehab Team that assists CSFD firefighters while at the scene of emergencies.

Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, get involved with your community, or simply have something fun each week to look forward to, I hope you’ll consider applying for the 2016 Citizens Fire Academy. Don’t delay — our first class starts Feb. 2. Learn more and apply at cstx.gov/cfa.


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