Renovation moves Lincoln Center into a bright new age

By Kelly Kelbly, Recreation Supervisor

Lincoln Recreation CenterThroughout February, you’ve heard a lot about the Lincoln Recreation Center’s rich past. We’ll always respect the historical significance of the facility, but as African-American History Month comes to a close, it’s appropriate to take a closer look at what lies ahead.

After all, the spirit of the old Lincoln School’s motto — “Forever Forward, Never Backward” – speaks to the future, not the past.

In the 2008 bond election, College Station residents approved plans to expand the overcrowded recreation center. In the years since, city staff has worked with architects, design firms, and citizens to develop plans to update the facility to meet our community’s growing needs and expectations.

Construction is expected to start in a few months with the grand opening scheduled for next year.

What does this mean for you? 

Seniors, homeschool groups, and local health organizations extensively use the Lincoln Recreation Center, and space is maxed out most every day, evening and weekend. Our afterschool program keeps the center bustling with activity on weekday afternoons, and every night and weekend is booked with athletic programs and rentals.

Expansion plans include a new 15,000-square-foot building with a second gymnasium to enhance our programs and provide additional rental space. We’ll also be adding classrooms and a fitness room. Thankfully, the expansion will allow us to relocate most of our programs while the existing structure is renovated.

Rest assured that preserving the historical significance of the Lincoln Recreation Center will always be a priority. The facility’s long-awaited upgrade is a fitting tribute to the thousands of citizens it has faithfully served for decades.

Your patience soon will be rewarded as we turn the page to a bright, new chapter in the Lincoln Recreation Center’s history.

For more information about programs and events at the Lincoln Recreation Center, visit or call 979-764-3779.

To learn more about College Station’s history, visit

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