Podcast: Our first look at single-stream recycling numbers

By Jay Socol, Public Communications Director

College Station’s single-stream recycling program made its debut in January. Since then, we’ve all wanted to see the data. Has participation been good? Are citizens putting the right stuff in their blue bins, or are they fouling up the system by throwing bad stuff in the wrong container?

I’ve been waiting for that data, too. Podcast guest Heather Woolwine, College Station’s Recycling and Environmental Compliance Manager, shares her perspective on the ups and downs of the program’s first four months.

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csf_jsocolAbout the Author

Jay Socol (@jaysocol) is in his seventh year as College Station’s public communications director. A 1991 graduate of Texas A&M. Jay has also been communications director for the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, public information officer for the City of Bryan, and news director at several Bryan-College Station area radio stations. He’s a native of Breckenridge.


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2 thoughts on “Podcast: Our first look at single-stream recycling numbers

  1. Just listened to podcast on single – stream recycling. I LOVE this new program. Recycling with the bag system was extremely cumbersome. It was not at all convenient. And, being able to recycle cardboard is great. There are so many people moving into the area that being able to recycle cardboard has to make a huge difference. I would encourage more outreach in the way of advertising or public service announcements. Diverting this much material from the landfill has to be a saving not only financially but also environmentally. Get people excited about this program. I still see cardboard boxes being put out with garbage. It’s too easy to break down boxes for people to continue to do this. Great program.

    1. First, thank you for listening to the podcast! And thank you for the kind words about the single-stream program. We are working on the very things you mentioned: Creating additional PSAs and other educational materials for a more continual level of awareness.

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