Adjusting to new LED street lights may take time

By Timothy R. Crabb, P.E., Electric Utility Director

We’ve received good feedback on our LED street lighting program as we replace the old high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights with energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures. The HPS fixtures had lost much of their effectiveness through deterioration of components and dirt buildup on the lenses.

Since the LED fixtures provide more lighting, our customers may need to allow a month or two to get used to the change.

We began upgrading the city’s 5,000 street lights in early March. The project should be complete by mid-July.

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About the Author

Timothy Crabb is in his fifth year as College Station’s electric utility director and has more than 40 years of electric utility experience. He began his career in the electric utility industry the week after he graduated from Taylor High School in 1977. Timothy earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the UT-Arlington in 1990.


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