Jayden, Ava CS’s most popular baby names in 2017

By Jay Socol, Public Communications Director

No offense to the 48 sets of twins born in College Station in 2017, but the biggest stars of the year may have been Dylan, Hayden, and Lilliana Willis — the first triplets to be born here since 2014.

These 99 babies were among the 2,398 born in College Station last year, according to Yvette Dela Torre, our award-winning deputy local registrar whose vital statistics reporting has the precision of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band’s four-way cross.

By the way, Yvette has led the College Station Vital Statistics Division to three consecutive — the coveted three-peat! — five-star exemplary awards, the state’s highest honor for vital reporting efforts. She’s kind of a big deal.

Let’s take a look at numbers and name trends:

Births Girls Boys Twins Triplets
2013 2,159 1,066 1,093 36 sets
2014 2,460 1,264 1,196 30 sets 1 set
2015 2,494 1,245 1,249 50 sets
2016 2,307 1,206 1,164 44 sets
2017 2,398 1,168 1,230 48 sets 1 set

Most popular boys’ first names

  • Jayden (18)
  • Elijah, Jackson (15)
  • Noah (12)

Jackson and Noah are repeats from 2016, but where did Elijah and Jayden come from? Which celebrities or characters are you people following?

Most popular boys’ middle names

  • James (45)
  • Alexander (17)
  • Wayne (15)

Most popular girls’ first names

  • Ava (16)
  • Emma (14)
  • Camila, Charlotte (13)

Camila and Charlotte? Fans of the royals, are you?

Most popular girls’ middle names

  • Grace (62)
  • Rose (58)
  • Marie (54)

More 2017 birth stats

  • Month with the most births: August, September (241)
  • Month with the fewest births: April (141)
  • Days with the most births: Aug. 30 & 18 (16)

Honorable Mentions

In the spirit of Rob Clark’s stellar work for the Bryan-College Station Eagle covering the dozens of oddly-named bands at the annual South by Southwest Music Festival, I’d like to put a spotlight on some of my favorite College Station baby names from 2017.


There were, of course, dozens of names on our list from the Bible but, to me, these seemed less common than Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, etc:

Abel Job Magdalene Mordecai
Delilah Lazarus Messiah Shepherd


Unsure if these are all boy names or a mix, but they make me want to speak them aloud in my McGruff the Crime Dog voice:

Cash Creed Legend Ryder
Crew Duke Maximus Stryker


Arizona Dakota Kansas Virginia


Autumn Honey Magnolia Violet
Daisy Lily Mahogany Willow

The Old West

Boone Danger Remington Savannah
Cheyenne Jack Daniel Ridge Shiloh
Colt Justice Rowdy Temper

Kings and Queens

Majesty Reign Royalty Roi’yale Unique
Princess Royal Royalty Mi’Treasure


These should be the chill babies in town:

Aurora Haven Lovely Paisley
Destiny Joy Luna Serenity
Dream Joy Peace Memoree Sincere




Carter Kennedy Madison Reagan
Hayes Lincoln Monroe Tyler

Somewhat Musical

Franklin Layla Melody Presley
Journey, Journei Liv Tyler Pearl



Major Cities

London Sydney Denver Memphis
Paris Brooklyn Houston

Awesome Apostrophes

Dra’dynn Ja’Vory Ke’Darian My’Syiah
Ja’Niyah Jua’Quariah Mar’Kaeveious  

Born on the Holidays

9:  Easter 4:  Halloween 4:  New Year’s Eve 1:  Independence Day
6:  Labor Day 4:  Thanksgiving 3:  Valentine’s Day 0:  New Year’s Day
5:  Memorial Day 4:  Christmas Eve

College Station ended 2017 with a population estimate of 117,774, thanks in part to our 2,398 newest College Stationers (Stationeries? Stationites? Station Wagons?).

Here’s to a fruitful 2018!


About the Blogger

Jay Socol (@jaysocol) is in his ninth year as College Station’s public communications director. A 1991 graduate of Texas A&M. Jay has also been communications director for the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, public information officer for the City of Bryan, and news director at several Bryan-College Station area radio stations. A native of Breckenridge, he also serves as president of the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers.

Triplet photo courtesy of Christopher and Heather Willis.

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