Don’t let drunken driving ruin your Super Bowl

By Jason Summers, CSPD Officer

For football fans, Super Bowl Sunday is the most anticipated day of the year. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most dangerous days for motorists.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, about 31 percent of traffic fatalities on a typical day involve a drunk driver. On Super Bowl Sunday, that awful number spikes to 43 percent.

The College Station Police Department will deploy extra officers in the peak hours before, during and after Sunday’s game to proactively identify and apprehend drivers who are a danger.

If you see someone driving erratically or irresponsibly, note the vehicle description, take down the license plate number, and call 911. Don’t try to stop the vehicle.

Enjoy the game and the fun festivities that surround it, but be the day’s most valuable player by drinking in moderation and designating a driver. Don’t let anyone else drive drunk, either.

We’re all on the same team when it comes to preventing drunken driving.


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Officer Jason Summers is completing his 15th year with the College Station Police Department.


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