Join the Spikeball roundnet craze this summer

By Logan Cornelius, Texas Association for the Sport of Roundnet

A rapidly growing new sport called Spikeball roundnet is emerging in College Station this summer.

What does the name Spikeball roundnet mean? Spikeball is the name of the company that makes the product; Roundnet is the name of the sport. The Texas Association for the Sport of Roundnet runs and grows the game in the state, and we’re excited to bring it to College Station through our partnership with the College Station Parks and Recreation Department.

The game is similar to 2-on-2 volleyball, but instead of hitting the ball over a net, you hit it into a net that looks like a small trampoline. Some say that if volleyball and Foursquare had a baby, it’d be named Spikeball Roundnet.

Teams can consist of as many players as possible, but only two are allowed at a time in a match. Divisions include competitive and recreation. The competitive division plays by official Spikeball Roundnet Association rules, while the recreation division is more relaxed and focuses on skill development.

Registration ends June 5 with the league running from June 5-July 17. Register online at, by calling 979-764-3486, or stop by the Parks and Recreation office at 1000 Krenek Tap Road. The cost is $80 per team, and equipment is provided.

TASR is doing all we can to grow the self-proclaimed next American sport with hubs across the state to give people a chance to get connected with communities and athletes with a passion for roundnet. For more information on TASR Spikeball roundnet and tournaments, visit


About the Blogger
Logan Cornelius (@Logan_Cornelius) is senior operations manager for Spikeball and co-founded the Texas Association for the Sport of Roundnet in 2018. He graduated from Texas A&M in 2016 after establishing the Texas A&M Roundnet Club. A resident of Dallas, he plays competitively and was a member of one of the nation’s top roundnet teams in 2018.


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