36 Tsunami swimmers qualify for Games of Texas

By Bridget Russell, Aquatics Supervisor

The College Station Tsunami Swim Team had 36 athletes punch their tickets to the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation’s Summer Games of Texas at last week’s regional meet in Bryan. More than 2,400 swimmers will compete in the Games from July 25-28 at the Texas A&M Natatorium.

Tsunami Games of Texas Qualifiers

Stone Ahrendt Brianna Fogle Cory Majid
Dylan Breese Brett Hyman Caleb Noynaert
Elizabeth Breese Brooke Hyman Connor Noynaert
Maggie Breese Zoe Hyman Evellyn Peacock
Peter Breese Matthew Johnson Will Peacock
RJ Breese Evan Lacefield Mark Poage
Travis Castro Gloria Lacefield Kate Primrose
Ella Coker Liliana Lacefield Elizabeth Quast
Emerson Coker Emilian Landrock Samantha Quast
Isabel Conrey Milana Landrock Emily Stevenson
Pam Criscitiello Benjamin Locke Jason Watkins
Sofia Criscitiello Logan Locke Daniel Wilson

Other events in the Games of Texas are archery, boxing, flag football, golf, judo, lifeguard competition, pickleball, sand volleyball, skateboarding, soccer, tennis, track and field, and Ultimate Frisbee.

For more information, visit taaf.com/gamesoftexas or call 979-764-3486.

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Bridget Russell has been with the City of College Station since 2012 and has served as aquatics supervisor since 2017. She was a lifeguard at Texas A&M for almost three years after serving as an administrative clerk for the U.S. Marine Corps from 2005-11. Bridget earned bachelor’s (2011) and master’s (2012) degrees in sport management from Texas A&M.


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