All Up In Your 2020 (The FujiDunkinMacAndCheeseBuc-ee’s Episode)

By Jay Socol, Public Communications Director

In terms of economic development, 2019 was a heckuva year for College Station.

Economic Development Director Natalie Ruiz — who recently was recognized in public for the first time due to this podcast (such a diva) — and Communications Director Jay Socol reflect on some of the successes (and near-misses) from the past year + look ahead at what 2020 might bring in terms of new jobs and a diversified economy for College Station.

Among the broad topics:

  • 2020 bringing more focus to Northgate
  • Why a grocer or Target near Northgate makes sense
  • More quality jobs from FUJIFILM Dyosynth Biotechnologies
  • What the former Sears location might become
  • When CS and Texas A&M are chasing the same amenities
  • “The big beaver nugget in the room”
  • Nat finally announces Jay’s preferred coffee fix is on the way!


About the Blogger

Jay Socol (@jaysocol) is in his 11th year as College Station’s public communications director. A 1991 graduate of Texas A&M. Jay has also been communications director for the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, public information officer for the City of Bryan, and news director at several Bryan-College Station area radio stations. A native of Breckenridge, he also serves as president of the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers.

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