Improvements on the way at Central, Bee Creek parks

By Kelly Kelbly, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director

Abolitionist Frederick Douglass once wrote, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” A true application of that statement is dealing with construction projects in our community parks.

A prime example is the struggle you may encounter at Stephen C. Beachy Central Park and Bee Creek Park in the coming months. Next week, construction crews will begin demolishing the Central Park pavilion, restrooms, and athletic shed, as well as the Bee Creek restrooms. Reconstruction of the facilities should be finished by late fall.

The brief inconvenience will be worth it. When the project’s complete, you’ll have beautiful, functional facilities for your visits to these popular parks.

At Central, you’ll have more climate-controlled restrooms, a new kitchen to rent, and a larger pavilion footprint that allows for more seats and foot traffic. The athletic shed will also have more climate-controlled restrooms and additional seats. At Bee Creek, user groups and park patrons will enjoy more restrooms in the structure nearest the ball fields.

The parking lots may be closed at times during construction, but we encourage you to continue to use the parks. And don’t worry — ample porta potties will be available.


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Assistant Director Kelly Kelbly is in her 19th year with the College Station Parks & Recreation Department. A native of Gilmer, Kelly is a 1998 graduate of Texas A&M.


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2 thoughts on “Improvements on the way at Central, Bee Creek parks

  1. Today I saw where the restroom will cost the city $700,000. Is this JUST for the structure or are other projects tied into this? $400/square foot seems unreasonable to tax payers.

    1. Thanks for the comments!

      The multi-facility project is much more than a restroom, and the cost includes the demolition of existing structures. The three larger buildings are designed to accommodate large crowds.

      Here’s a detailed breakdown:

      Bee Creek – $597,000 project

      The project includes the complete removal of the existing 1,200-square-foot structure and the construction of a new 1,500-square foot facility.

      The fully climate-controlled facility will have four restrooms stalls in both the men’s and women’s. The existing building has only one per side. It also includes fire hydrant, water service, sewer, chilled-water drinking fountains, and storage and mechanical rooms.

      Central Park Athletic Field Restrooms – $553,000 project

      The project includes the complete removal of the existing 700-square foot structure and the construction of a new facility with a 662-square foot storage and mechanical building and a 1,166 square-foot climate-controlled restroom building.

      The men’s and women’s restrooms will each have six stalls. The existing building only has one per side. It also includes chilled-water drinking fountains, and a shaded area with picnic tables, lights, and fans.

      Central Park Pavilion –$932,000 project

      The project includes the complete removal of the existing 4,600-square-foot structure and the construction of a new 6,776-square foot facility.

      The 2,250-square-foot building will include restrooms, (six stalls per side), a serving area, storage, and mechanical rooms. The remaining square footage will be for seating and provides picnic tables, fans, lights, and chilled-water drinking fountains.

      I hope this answers your question and eases your concerns.

      And thank you for reading our blog!

      Colin Killian
      Public Communications Manager